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Your Top-Rated Car Accident Attorney in Long Island

Oct 25

Auto accidents in Smithtown, NY often lead to distressing consequences that affect your entire life. If you or your loved one sustains injury due to the carelessness of another driver, you don’t have to be the one paying for the medical bills and other damages. You can recover a settlement for the lost wages, medical bills and even more with the professional help of a car accident lawyer in Smithtown, NY.

An accident attorney will help

An experienced Long Island Car Accident Attorney from the Law Office of Carl Maltese helps car accident victims like you get the compensation they deserve. These professionals will tell you the type of damages you are eligible for and represent your rights and interest throughout the steps of an auto accident lawsuit or claim. 

Having a compassionate and skilled Long Island Car Accident Attorney fighting on your behalf is the best form of injury protection you will need. 

Recoverable compensation you can seek after an auto accident

The injuries from an auto accident aren’t the only expensive losses you might face. You might qualify to seek many forms of damage in an auto accident lawsuit Long Island Car Accident Attorney, including non-economic and economic damages. 

Non-economic damages from auto accidents

You can seek financial recovery for:

  • Suffering and pain: if the car accident causes you severe hardship, like physical pain
  • Mental anguish: this is for psychological torture you could be facing after the accident

Economic damages from an auto accident

This might include:

  • Medical expenses: Things such as the cost of emergency room care, surgery, medication, physical therapy, diagnostic testing, and hospitalization.
  • Lost wages: When you don’t go to work and miss your paycheck because of injuries
  • Future medical expenses: Medical care and reflecting treatment you’ll need for your injuries
  • Reduced earning ability: If your capability to earn a salary will be expected to continue affecting you after the accident

Remember that every car accident lawsuit is different, and you might need to meet certain criteria to seek some types of damages. An auto accident attorney  Long Island will help you understand all types of compensation you can qualify for after a car crash.

Settlement is available in case your loved one dies after a car collision.

Like auto accidents, you can't handle personal injury cases without the help of a professional. A Long Island Car Accident Lawyer from our law company will handle all the aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit for you and make sure you get compensation. This might include non-economic and economic losses like medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, pain and suffering, and inability to earn in the future.

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